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Where it all started...

Featured in Vogue Arabia

 NOVEMBER 6, 2018

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Our version of the traditional Turkish leather espadrilles available for men and women. Babel’s are hand-stitched and made out of the best quality materials. Extra-comfortable and super durable, they are the perfect footwear partner for your day-to-day adventures. 

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Beautifully hand-crafted, those lace-up sandals are not only super stylish but also amazingly soft and comfortable. Made to walk, adjustable from toes to top, they will match perfectly your daily casual outfits and sharpen-up your most sophisticated looks. Named after Sarah, co-founder of Babel & Co. who cannot get enough of them and literally wears them every day !

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Simple and elegant, Elif handmade sandals are made out of the softest leather, light and durable. A must-have Summer footwear you will adore ! We named them after our friend Elif, blogger, Dj and world traveller .

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Day-to-night adventures ready, the Alper's will steal your heart like they stole ours ! Combining four types of leather for extra-comfort, those beautiful slip-ons are the love child of traditional craftmanship and fashion forward footwear. 

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