About Us

All our products are ethically made in Turkey by artisans, using a traditional method existing for more than 600 years.

All materials are natural and high quality. We use organic hand treated leather, and the thread used for sewing is natural cotton coated with bee wax.

We redesigned the traditional Turkish shoes to adapt them to modern life. The shoes are perfect for every occasion: dress up for a fancy dinner or explore a city, on your way to the beach or simply hang out in the park, your feet will fall in love with them. 

The special treatment of the leather allows your feet to breathe, keeping them cool when it’s too hot, and protecting them in case it gets too cold. Quickly after starting wearing them, the leather will adapt to your feet and mould around them, making the shoes feel like a second skin, without losing the original shape.

Did we mention that with their funky colors, they also look super cool?