Sizing & Care

Please refer to our sizing chart to choose your size.


Babel's should fit, without any discomfort. The high-quality natural leather will stretch and mold to your feet as you start wearing them. They will quickly become like a second skin to your feet !

The toes can touch the end of the shoes, without feeling compressed or folded. 

If you feel the shoes sliding a little in the back, it's normal ! After a few days of wearing them, they will grab your feet correctly.

Are you between sizes for the Babel and Alper slippers ? We provide a pair of insoles for a perfect match and extra comfort. 

Our experience has taught us that it's wiser to take the larger size and to add a sole when unsure. In time if the shoes become too tight with the soles, feel free to take the soles out !

Women's fit Babels are narrower than men’s. Some women with wider feet will feel comfier in men’s fit, and vice-versa.

Our advice for the fit is merely to help you out. Note that we will not be able to accept returns for worn shoes. In case of doubt when you first try them, please get in touch with us on before stretching them.


Alper's are the same fit as Babel's with an addition of top adjustment with laces. This will provide more freedom for round foot types.


Sarah’s are an easy fit as they can be adjusted all the way from toes to ankle ! 


Elif's are an easy fit as well with adjustment only around the ankle. 

How to take care of my new shoes ?

Leather : Better avoid water as much as you can, though you can clean up little stains with a little bit of water soaked cloth and soap if needed. Fast and easy !

Suede : We recommend to use a special Suede eraser to clean up your shoes and a transparent spray to protect them from staining.

The end of the thread on the soles might stick out after use. Not to worry ! Simply cut the extra part.